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WingedHao on the Valkyrie Anatomia Reddit has graciously provided a set of basic translations for the game's UI. You can view them here. Anybody can contribute to this wiki via direct edits or comments!

Berserk Collaboration
Berserk Collab Banner

This will be a two-part event. Enemies for the first half are weak to Flame and Dark elements. Two new characters are released, Guts and Schierke (information to be added on Wednesday or Thursday, if time allows). They gain the usual bonuses to damage, XP, and event currency drops. Lenneth, Ingrid, Virgo, and Anelian will also gain bonus XP and drops.

Note: Guts, Schierke, and Mercurius all have some sort of "Distinctions" that I'm going to have to research and add to the character template. If you have more info add a comment on their pages or the forums - you don't have to have a wiki account to help out!

Other notable events:

  • 5,000 gems as a one-time present, and 2,000 gems as daily login bonuses.
  • A costume present from Berserk.
  • XP rate up.
  • Half AP for main+side stories.
  • Free Premium System ticket for a 3-day trial.
The False King
The False King Banner

A new Einherjar named Mercurius was released for this event. He deals more damage, earns more XP, and earns more event currency. You can earn a 6* Lightning Heavy Sword with event currency. Enemies are weak to Flame and Lightning.

Valhalla Nighttime Battle
Valhalla Nighttime Battle Banner

Lasts until 9/25. This is a tower-style event where each floor has you fighting increasingly powerful bosses. Each boss beaten gives a unique reward. Some of the significant rewards are weapon limit breakers, rainbow books for limit breaking characters, gold and silver gacha tickets, and wood and iron rings for leveling artifacts. Recommended strength levels range from 1,500 to 81,500 depending on floor, and usually increase by 1,000 power per floor.


Important Note:
Event discussions can be found on the Valkyrie Anatomia subreddit.

Advent Bosses
Kratae Laverne Banner

Advent bosses can be challenged three times a day to earn Character Potential Items.

Recent Activity

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