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WingedHao on the Valkyrie Anatomia Reddit has graciously provided a set of basic translations for the game's UI. You can view them here. Anybody can contribute to this wiki via direct edits or comments!

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Collab
Covenant of the Plume Collab Banner

This is a two-part collaboration for the anniversary of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. Enemies are weak to Dark and Flame elements. The characters Aelia and Wylfred are available in the event gacha. They deal more damage, gain more XP, and cause more event currency to drop.

Ailyth's Return
Ailyth Event Banner

This is a rerun of the event to get Ailyth. Dark and Holy elements deal more damage. Lezard, Freya, and Ailyth will all grant bonuses during the event. If you do not already have Ailyth, she will be available in the event shop. They deal more damage, gain more XP, and cause more event currency to drop. Progress from the last event will be saved.

Valkyrie Profile Collaboration
Lucian Collaboration Banner

The Valkyrie Profile collaboration that introduced Lucian is returning for a limited time. He is available via the event, and any progress you made last time is saved.

Summer Valkyrie Return
Summer Valkyrie Gacha Banner

Artifacts for the three summer valkyries have returned for a limited time. The characters included are Lenneth (Summer), Silmeria (Summer), and Hrist (Summer).

Valhalla's Perplexing Forest
Valhalla's Perplexing Forest Banner

This is a tower-style event where each floor has you fighting increasingly powerful bosses. Each boss beaten gives a unique reward. Some of the significant rewards are weapon limit breakers, rainbow books for limit breaking characters, gold and silver gacha tickets, and wood and iron rings for leveling artifacts. Recommended strength levels range from 1,500 to 81,500 depending on floor, and usually increase by 1,000 power per floor.


Important Note:
Event discussions can be found on the Valkyrie Anatomia subreddit.

Advent Bosses
Lady Morunya Banner

Advent bosses can be challenged three times a day to earn Character Potential Items.

Recent Activity

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